"Hey Woody, ready to go to Cowboy Camp?"

The Cowboy Camp is an annual trip that Andy Davis made with Woody. It is a completely unseen location and thus it is unknown how far Andy goes for the camp.

At the beginning of Toy Story 2, Woody was searching for his missing hat (which was eventually found by Slinky Dog), fearing that Andy wouldn't take him out to camp if he didn't find his hat. Unfortunately, as Andy played with his toys (5 minutes prior to departure), he hooked Woody's arm into that of Buzz Lightyear's and accidentally tore Woody's arm. This made Andy decide to leave Woody on the shelf, and he sadly goes to Cowboy Camp without Woody. Woody then had a nightmare about Andy disposing him after coming back home from Cowboy Camp early, but actually, Andy came back home from Cowboy Camp at the end of Toy Story 2 after the toys returned home from their mission.

Andy fixes Woody's arm (which had been ripped by Stinky Pete), and after he's done, Andy tells his mom that it was probably a good thing Andy didn't take Woody to Cowboy Camp with him, as his whole arm could've fallen off (which it did when Woody was at Al's apartment).

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