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"Hey Woody, ready to go to Cowboy Camp?"

The Cowboy Camp is an annual trip that Andy Davis made with Woody. It is a completely unseen location and thus it is unknown how far Andy goes for the camp. Based on the T-Shirt Andy wears early in the film, it is possible that Cowboy Camp takes place at Triple R Ranch, a location from Disney's classic television serial Spin and Marty.

At the beginning of Toy Story 2, when Woody was searching for his missing hat, he thought he'd miss camp if he didn't find it. The hat was later found by Slinky Dog. Unfortunately, during Andy's playtime (five minutes prior to departure), Woody's arm ripped after getting stuck in that of Buzz's. Andy's mother then suggested they fix Woody before leaving, but Andy refused and decided to leave Woody home instead. His mother placed Woody on the shelf, and Andy left without Woody, who later had a nightmare about Andy disposing him after returning home from Cowboy Camp early, but Andy actually returned home from Cowboy Camp at the end of Toy Story 2 after the toys returned home from their mission.

Andy fixes Woody's arm (which had been ripped by Stinky Pete), and after he's done, Andy tells his mom that it was probably a good thing Andy didn't take Woody to Cowboy Camp with him, as his whole arm could've fallen off (which it did when Woody was at Al's apartment).