"Name's Danny, bro."
—Danny upon Lightning's first encounter with him.

Daniel "Danny" Swervez is a character in Cars 3. He is based on and voiced by Daniel Suárez. Danny Swervez is "a next-gen racer who's ascending the Piston Cup ladder against all odds. A mid-season replacement, Swervez is a quick learner who pushes himself to the limit."[1] He races for Octane Gain and has the racing number 19 (the same as Suárez).[2]

Cars 3

At the Los Angeles International Speedway, Lightning McQueen witnesses Brick Yardley being fired by his sponsor and tries asking Bobby Swift about what is going on, but he finds Daniel coming out of his garage instead. In the race, he and Chase Racelott pass McQueen shortly before the latter crashes. He also competes in the Florida 500 and congratulates Cruz Ramirez on her win. He himself wins third place.


210 mph



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