"Welcome to the support group for discarded fun meal toys."
Queen Neptuna welcoming Buzz to the group

Buzz attends the psychotherapy meeting with the support group.

The Discarded Fun Meal Toys are toys forming a support group in the short Small Fry. The group resides at Poultry Palace's storage room for stored away items including the fun meal toys who got discarded over the years.

Small Fry

The group is first seen when Buzz Lightyear is trying to find a way out to escape the restaurant, assuming the vent might be a way out. Unfortunately, he falls into a storage room where he finds the group. They welcome Buzz into the psychotherapy meeting, not knowing he isn't actually a discarded toy.

Discarded Toys

"Even though I have been thrown away, I am not garbage."
—The Discarded Fun Meal toys reciting their affirmation
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