Django is the father of Remy and Emile, as well as the leader of the rat colony.


His son Remy is gifted with a keen understanding of cuisine, which Django really doesn't understand, as well as a powerful sense of smell and taste. Django notices his son's gift of a strong smell when Remy grabs a poisonous apple core away from in which he was going to eat. Because of this, Django gives his son the job of sniffing for rat poison. Django is split apart from his son Remy when their rat colony is discovered by the home's owner, forcing Django and the rats to flee into the sewer. Django is later reunited with Remy, when Emile brings him back to the rat pack in their new home they moved into.

When Django hears that Remy has been cooking in the kitchen with humans, he is against it and gives Remy warning that humans and rats will never get along, showing his son an extermination shop with dead rats hanging on a bar, but Remy refuses to believe this. Later, Remy is captured by Skinner, in which Django and Emile help rescue him. Remy returns to the kitchen, where Linguini reveals the secret of Remy cooking by controlling his movements under his hat to the staff. Everyone is in disbelief and walks out of the kitchen, leaving Linguini helpless. Django finally see's his son's passion and determination to cook, and that humans aren't that bad. As of this, he organizes the rest of the pack to help out in the kitchen. They lock Skinner and the Health Inspector into the storeroom when they try to interfere. Near the end, Django is sitting at mini tables located on a hedge of a window behind plants talking with other rats in his son's new restaurant, La Ratatouille.


  • Most viewers of the film will probably tell you that Django's name is not spoken anywhere in the film, but in fact it is. Around 58 minutes into the film, when Remy is telling his Dad about his new living situation, another rat comes over and starts talking with Django, thus interrupting the conversation. Very faintly, you can hear the rat say, "Hey, Django..." and proceeds in telling a joke to Django which makes him chuckle.
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