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"Dangerous" Don Carlton is a character in Monsters University. A student at Monsters University, he is the president of the Oozma Kappa fraternity. Director Dan Scanlon calls him a "mature student returning to college to follow a dream to study scaring".[1] He is a light purple octopus-like monster with dark purple fin-like balding hair and mustache, two tentacled arms and wears a green Polo-shirt and glasses.

Official Bio

"Faced with the realities of the economic downturn, Midwestern sales monster Don Carlton finds himself going back to school to learn new skills and pursue a dream career in Scaring. One of Monsters University’s “mature” students and a founding member of the Oozma Kappa fraternity, Don brings his honest hardworking spirit to their endeavors, ensuring that his fellow brothers keep their various heads on straight and their array of eyes on the task at hands."[2]

Monsters University

Like all OKs, Don was kicked out of the School of Scaring; he then changed to be a Computer Science major. He has problems with his tentacles, whose suckers tend to stick everywhere, interfering with his movements and making unwanted noise. However, through the course of the film he learns to use them to his advantage, using them to climb on walls. This comes very in handy during the fourth event of the Scare Games, "Hide and Sneak", where Don's ability to cling onto the ceiling with his tentacles allowed him to avoid being caught by the referee, which would result in the team being eliminated. In the final part of the Scare Games, he's in the first turn, against Reggie Jacobs. While Reggie scares a dummy child before him, he accidentally steps on a squeak toy, falls towards the bed, lands with his back against the footboard and roars too late, getting 9.5 points out of 20, and Don beats him by using his tentacles to move on the ceiling and scaring the child, getting 11.5 points out of 20, two more than Reggie's and bringing the OK in the lead. He has romantic feelings for Sheri Squibbles and eventually gets engaged to her. At the end of the film, Don becomes a Scarer at Monsters, Inc., along with his Oozma Kappa brothers.

Party Central

Don Carlton re-appeared in the short film Party Central, which takes place after the events of Monsters University.


  • Don Carlton’s business card lists his address as 1200 Dark Ave. Pixar’s Emeryville address is 1200 Park Ave.[3]
  • It's revealed at the end of the film that, after he and his fellow OK teammates start working at Monsters, Inc. as scarers, Don actually renamed himself, "Dangerous" Don Carlton.