Downpour is an antagonist in The Good Dinosaur. She is a Caulkicephalus and the only female member of Thunderclap's gang.

The Good Dinosaur

Downpour is first seen flying above Arlo with the rest of her team. Arlo immediately calls them for help. She, Thunderclap and Coldfront head down to him, while the other two, Frostbite and Windgust stay behind in the sky. Downpour was then seen when she and the others attack Arlo on the mountain and kidnap Spot and head back in the storm. When the young Apatosaur comes to the rescue, he sees that Spot is in danger as the five pterodactyls fight over getting him out of the tree trunk. Arlo rushes to his friend's aid after losing both Frostbite and Windgust, the remaining the pterodactyls take notice of Arlo. Thunderclap tells her and Coldfront to keep Arlo away while he focus on trying to eat Spot, the two of them then grabbed Arlo as he tries to reach his friend, knowing as long as they had hold of him, Arlo then sees a pine tree right behind the two flyers and quickly tail whips and causes it to fall right on Coldfront and Downpour, trapping the two of them under the tree and are soon carried helplessly downstream where they presumably met an unknown fate.

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