A map of the kingdom


The Kingdom of DunBroch's emblem, as represented on a medal

The kingdom of DunBroch is the main setting of Brave.


Located in the Highlands of Scotland, it is ruled by King Fergus and Queen Elinor of Clan DunBroch. Three clans are subordinated to the ruling clan: Clan Macintosh, Clan MacGuffin and Clan Dingwall, each of which is led by a lord. The added lands of all four clans cover most of modern Scotland. The emblem of the kingdom represents three bears disposed in a circle.

Once warring factions, the four clans united to fight invaders, and made Fergus their king. However, despite this the relations between them remained tensed. The three lords despised each other, constantly bickering, and easily broke into fights and other demonstrations of hate. It took all the diplomacy and political savvy of Queen Elinor to keep the fragile peace of the kingdom.

Following Merida's rebellion against a marriage which would have been a guarantee of peace, the stability of the kingdom was menaced, as in the confusion the four clans nearly return in war against each other. But Merida, realizing her errors, succeeded to definitively reconcile the clans.


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