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"Moving the most Coast to Coast."
—Eggman Movers' motto

Eggman Movers is a moving company, which appears in Toy Story and briefly in Toy Story 2, that helps move all the contents of Andy's house to their new house. Their moving van is an orange and white truck with the slogan "Moving the most Coast to Coast" on the trailer.

Toy Story

"Woody, it's the moving van!"
Buzz Lightyear, as he sees the moving truck through the window of Sid's house

Buzz Lightyear spots a moving truck through the window of Sid's room

Although Woody tries to plan ahead once the Davis' move is announced, with precautions such as moving buddies, Woody and Buzz Lightyear managed to get lost in the process and end up at Sid's house.

While trapped at Sid's house, they know that they must hurry up when they see the moving van outside of Andy's house. Although Sid plans to blow up Buzz, Woody acts fast to save him with the held of Sid's toys and scares Sid in the process. Woody and Buzz don't have time to celebrate, because they hear the Davis' getting ready to leave.

Woody runs out to Andy's car, but Buzz becomes stuck due to Sid's rocket taped to him. Woody goes back to help him out, but the van drives away. After nearly getting run over by a truck, they see that it's the moving van, and begin to give chase, but are soon eyed by Scud. Buzz quickly climbs a strap hanging off the back of the truck. Woody hesitates, but eventually grabs hold. But before he could pull himself up, Scud runs up and tries to pull Woody down with his teeth. As Woody is about to get pulled off, Buzz then jumps onto Scud to distract him, which then gives Woody the opportunity to climb onto the truck.

Woody opens the door, and finds the boxes that hold Andy's toys, sending out RC to retrieve Buzz. The other toys see this, and think that Woody is trying to get rid of another toy that Andy might like more than him like he did with Buzz. While Woody finds Buzz with RC and begins to steer them back, the other toys seek to get rid of Woody, who is trying to tell them that it's to save Buzz. While initially spinning him and jumping on him (which causes RC to do the same), they eventually throw him out the back of the truck.

Woody is soon picked up by RC, who is still speeding forward with Buzz. Soon, Lenny notices them with his binocular eyes. The other toys are so stricken with guilt that they didn't believe Woody. Following Bo Peep's advice, Rocky lowers the ramp, while Slinky instructs the toys to hold his tail while his upper half jumps down to pull them up. Unfortunately, RC's batteries begin to die, causing Slinky to become overstretched and his front end to rebound back into the van.

Woody and Buzz are sent to a complete stop once the batteries are dead, but Buzz suggests lighting the rocket on his back. This sends them flying forward, and Woody drops RC in the moving van before they take off into the sky. Before they explode, Buzz deploys his wings to detach the rocket, and they are then flying. They glide directly over the moving van, but Buzz instead drops them through the sunroof in Andy's van.

Toy Story 2

Buzz: "And did he [Woody] give up when you threw him out of the back of that moving van?"
Mr. Potato Head: "Oh, you had to bring that up."
Buzz: "No, he didn't!"
―Buzz scolds the toys, especially Mr. Potato Head, for requesting a rest[src]

In the sequel, while Buzz leads his rescue squad of toys on a mission to save Woody from Al McWhiggin, Buzz reprimands the toys for requesting a rest at one point, even going as far as bringing up the subject of the moving truck, especially the time when Mr. Potato Head has had Woody thrown out of the truck, and an ashamed Mr. Potato Head is still shown to be regretting this greatly, even though amends have already been made.

The following day, the moving truck is later seen just before Buzz and the toys cross the street to Al's Toy Barn.


Eggman Movers in WALL•E.

  • The company is named after art director Ralph Eggleston. Eggleston's login at Pixar was, in fact, "The Eggman".
    • A common misconception is that it is named after the Sonic the Hedgehog villain, Dr. Eggman. The character was not known by this name in English-speaking regions until 1999. At the time the film was released, he was known as Dr. Robotnik.
  • An Eggman Movers box is seen in Sid's room in a corner.
  • An Eggman Movers truck is seen in the Incredibles Lego game when the bridge is destroyed, forcing the employee to hang on.
  • MLY1K9 ("Molly, one canine"), the license plate on the truck, is a reference to a resident sheepdog at Pixar at the time.
  • The Eggman Movers logo is seen in WALL•E.
  • The semi pulling the moving van is based on a Peterbilt 352 yet the front fender is based on a Kenworth K100.

Eggman Moving Company sign in Toy Story 4.