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Embarrassment is a character in the 2024 film Inside Out 2. He is the pink emotion inside Riley Andersen.


Embarrassment is pink (his cheeks are even pinker when he blushes due to his shyness), fuchsia eyes, a lavender sweater with white specks. and pink pants with white specks.


Embarrassment is very shy, easily embarrassed, and prone to blushing. Despite this, he's a really sweet guy.


  • Originally, Embarrassment was one of the 27 emotions considered to appear in the first film, but he was discarded to make the story less complex.
  • Embarrassment is the biggest of the four new emotions introduced in Inside Out 2, or the original emotions. In the official film poster, his hand appears from behind and towards Envy as he and Ennui lift the platform the original emotions are on.
  • The fact that Embarrassment is big compared to the rest of the original and new emotions reflects the idea of feeling big in the face of emotional discomfort no matter how much one wants to shrink.
  • Embarrassment is the only new male emotion introduced in Inside Out 2.