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"Joy is so old-school."
—Ennui thinking back at Joy's control of the console.

Ennui is a character in the 2024 film Inside Out 2. She is the indigo emotion inside Riley Andersen.


  • Ennui is the French word for "boredom."
  • Originally, Ennui was one of the 27 emotions considered to appear in the first film, but was discarded to make the story less complex.
  • When part of her design was revealed on the official poster, many thought Ennui had short hair, but the preview screened alongside Soul's cinematic premiere showed the character's silhouette and revealed that she does, in fact, have long hair. Likewise, a post on Twitter officially revealed the full design of Ennui, making her the first of the three new emotions whose final design is revealed.
  • Ennui's voice actress, Adèle Exarchopoulos, previously provided the voice for Ember in the French dub of Elemental.