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Envy is a character in the 2024 film Inside Out 2. She is the teal emotion inside Riley Andersen.


  • Originally, Envy was one of the 27 emotions considered to appear in the first film, but she was discarded to make the story less complex.
  • Envy was originally planned to be a male character; however, for the sequel she became a female emotion.
  • Originally, her main color was going to be emerald. But in the sequel it was changed to aquamarine, probably so as not to confuse her with Disgust and, in turn, winking at the expression "being green with envy".
  • She is the smallest of the four new emotions introduced in Inside Out 2, even being smaller than Anger, who was shorter in stature than the rest of the emotions.
  • The fact that Envy is small compared to the rest of the original and new emotions reflects the person's sense of inferiority when comparing themselves to others.