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Ernie is a human in the Pixar animated short Lifted.


One night while sleeping, the aliens Stu and Mr. B arrive nearby his home in a UFO and attempt to abduct him. As Stu tries various toggle switches he moves Ernie anywhere he pleases, including out the window. After they are finally able to capture Ernie, Stu accidentally releases the switch too soon which causes Ernie to fall all the way to the ground. Mr. B then takes control and return Ernie to his bed, and cleans up the mess left by their previous attempts to capture him.

Ernie is asleep throughout the entire film, except for after the credits where he can be heard waking up, then screaming.


  • Ernie's scream at the end of the film is a Wilhelm scream, a stock sound effect that has been used in various films since its recording in 1951.
  • Ernie is actually an early model design for Alfredo Linguini in Ratatouille, the feature film which Lifted accompanied in theaters.