Everett is a character in Cars 2.

Cars 2

"Everett is the first jumbo jet in a long line of passenger jets, with each generation of his family getting a little longer and wider. But Everett doesn't mind. After all, when you're racking up close to two million frequent-flier miles and hauling cars back and forth across the Pacific, size is synonymous with a smooth, comfortable flight - and that's what Everett is known for. That, and taxiing too fast. There's nothing like the feeling of eighteen squishy tires landing on the runway."[1]

Everett, working for "Turbo Loft", transported Lightning McQueen along with his pit crew from Carburetor County to Tokyo, Japan, for the first race of the World Grand Prix.


  • Everett's design should be a Boeing 747-400.
  • Everett's name is a reference to Everett, Washington, and Boeing's Everett Factory, where the Boeing 747, 777, and 787 are assembled into completed aircraft.
  • A Food Manager can be seen holding cups with the Dinoco logo in her right hand while she is giving drinks to passengers.
  • Also, Mater and McQueen can be seen playing a jumping game in the same scene.



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