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Fear Corporation, usually abbreviated to Fear Co., is one of the rival companies to Monsters, Inc., the other being Scream Industries. One of their most prestigious former Scarers was Derek Knight, later Professor of the School of Scaring at Monsters University. Their logo is an "F".


Fear Corporation was founded at an unknown date, and quickly became Monstropolis' second-biggest scream-processing plant, after Monsters, Inc. At some point Derek Knight was a scarer at Fear Co. In the Monsters At Work finale "It's Laughter They're After", it's revealed Fear Co. still uses scare power during the early transition from scream to laugh energy. It can also be assumed that if Fear Co. did indeed rely on laughs in the epilogue of Monster Inc., it would have changed its name, preferably to Humor Co.



In the Scare Cards Collectibles game, a good portion were from Fear Co.