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Fear Tech, short for Fear Institute of Technology, is a location in Monsters University. It is the rival school of Monsters University.[1] Not much is known about Fear Tech (e.g. students, teaching methods, architecture). Its mascot is Archie the Scare Pig. And like MU, it is located in or near Monstropolis.[2] On April 1st, 2013, they hacked the MU website as part of an April Fool's prank. The school's colors are strong and contrasting orange and black as opposed to MU's gentler blue and white.

A few students from Fear Tech can be seen in the film: An alumnus that works at Monsters, Inc. is shown claiming Fear Tech is superior to Monsters University. Some students break in MU's campus while pursuing Sulley, who has stolen their mascot. A football match between MU and Fear Tech is shown, with a gigantic MU player defeating the other team.

After the rise of laugh as new and better source of energy, it is possible that Fear Tech has to change it name into Fun Tech. 



Unknown City
Fear Tech appears in Disney Infinity with a bigger role than in the film. It can be accessed in the Monsters University story mode. Fear Tech looks like a normal high school but, as with MU, the buildings have been made to look like monster faces. Fear Tech's schools have a resemblance to that of MU. Like MU, it has a school of scaring.


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