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[[he:מוצאים את נמו (פסקול)]]
[[he:מוצאים את נמו (פסקול)]]
[[pl:Gdzie jest Nemo?/Ścieżka dźwiękowa]]
[[Category:Finding Nemo Merchandise|Soundtrack]]
[[Category:Finding Nemo Merchandise|Soundtrack]]

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The Finding Nemo soundtrack was composed by Thomas Newman. It was the first Pixar film not to be scored by Randy Newman. The album was nominated for the Academy Award for Original Music Score, losing to The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. All songs written and composed by Thomas Newman, except track 40 (Charles Trénet, Jack Lawrence and Albert Lasry).

Track listing

  1. Wow
  2. Barracuda
  3. Nemo Egg (Main Title)
  4. First Day
  5. Field Trip
  6. Mr. Ray, Scientist
  7. The Divers
  8. Lost
  9. Short-Term Dory
  10. Why Trust a Shark?
  11. Friends Not Food
  12. Fish-O-Rama
  13. Gill
  14. Mt. Wannahockaloogi
  15. Foolproof
  16. Squishy
  17. Jellyfish Forest
  18. Stay Awake
  19. School of Fish
  20. Filter Attempt
  21. The Turtle Lope
  22. Curl Away My Son
  23. News Travels
  24. The Little Clownfish from the Reef
  25. Darla Filth Offramp
  26. Lost in Fog
  27. Scum Angel
  28. Haiku
  29. Time to Let Go
  30. Sydney Harbour
  31. Pelicans
  32. Drill
  33. Fish in My Hair!
  34. All Drains Lead to the Ocean
  35. ...P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney
  36. Fishing Grounds
  37. Swim Down
  38. Finding Nemo
  39. Fronds Like These
  40. Beyond the Sea - Robbie Williams