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Float is an experimental Pixar animated short film from the SparkShorts division of the studio. It was directed by Bobby Alcid Rubio. It premiered on Disney's direct-to-consumer streaming service Disney+ on November 12, 2019.


A father is outside playing with his baby son in the front yard of his home. When the father picks a dandelion and blows off the seeds, the baby begins to float, startling the father. Neighbors notice the floating baby, and the father quickly grabs his son and hurries inside their home.

Time passes and the boy is now a toddler. The father looks worn with longer hair and a beard, and the home is in disarray. The boy is still floating around the home and is scribbling on the ceiling. The father pulls his son down and puts a leash on him and his backpack, which he then fills with a few rocks to help hold the boy down. They leave the house and walk down the sidewalk along the street. The boy spots a dandelion, which he picks and then blows off the seeds. The boy begins to float again, so the father adds another rock to the backpack, weighing the boy down again. As they pass a playground, the father stops and watches the other parents and children playing in the park, longing to be able to do the same. He turns to look at his son, to find that he is gone from his leash and backpack. He turns back towards the playground to see his son floating around the children and parents there, who all appear annoyed. The father rushes onto the playground and tries to drag his son home as the boy begins crying. The father finally snaps and asks his son why he can't be normal. The boy floats back down to the ground, pulls his hood up over his head, and looks down sadly. The father picks up his son, cradles him in his arms, and sits down on a swing set. The father begins to swing back and forth, and his son begins to cheer up and smiles. As the other parents and children watch, the father releases his son to float once more, and the two happily play together.