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Forgetters Paula and Bobby are characters in Inside Out. As Forgetters, the job of these Mind Workers is to go through the millions of memories stored in Long Term Memory to identify the obsolete ones and dispose of them in the Memory Dump. The Forgetters' appreciation of memories is in no way sentimental or practical, and is really solely based on how faded or strong a memory is. This leads them to dispose of memories one would consider useful (such as the names of US Presidents, or those of the fairies on a TV show) because they are faded, and to treasure annoying memories because they are strong. In particular, they adore the Tripledent gum commercial, to the point that they sometimes send it to Headquarters for no reason at all.

Inside Out[]

When Joy and Sadness get lost in Long Term Memory, the Forgetters are the first beings they encounter. However, they are too occupied at their job and their antics to help the two Emotions in any way.


  • They are obviously named after their respective voice actors.