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"Frightening" Frank McCay is a character in Monsters University. A tall, light blue monster with retractable claws, numreous spikes on his head and five tentacles as legs, he is a Scaring super star at Monsters, Inc., an alumni of Monsters University, and the one who inspired Mike Wazowski to become a Scarer.

Monsters University

Frank appears at the prologue of the movie. He is seen entering the Scare Floor and greeting the children visiting the factory. He tells them that the best place to go in order to become a Scarer is Monsters University. Frank soon enters a child's room, without knowing that Mike Wazowski followed him. As the little monster looks, Frank silently walks to the child's bed, but is forced to retreat and pretend to be clothes using his legs when the kid's parents enter the room. When the parents finally go away, Frank finally goes besides the bed and wakes up the child. When the child sees Frank, who seems to be prepared to attack him, he screams and Frank gets out of the room with another successful scare. A drawing of him in the room suggests that he has scared this child a few times before. When he learns that Mike followed him inside the room, instead of being upset, Frank is impressed by Mike's stealth. He gives Mike his MU cap and winks at him, inspiring Mike to become a Scarer.

Years later, Mike attended MU as he recommended him and his classmates. After order his books and his teddy bear, Wazowski placed up a poster of Frank on his dorm room's wall. Mike later used Frank's technique of scaring by first waking a child by clawing the bedpost during the Scare Games. His fate by the time of Monsters, Inc. seems certain that he was fired (possibly by the energy crisis) or more likely retired, considering that at least it has been 21 years since he met Mike and his classmates at the company, making him very old likely unable to continue scaring/making children laugh.


  • In the German version of the film, he is voiced by German soccer goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.
  • Frank was never referred to in the film by his real name, though the film's credits still list him by name. A Scare Card of him showing his real name also appears in the credits.
  • It's likely that Frank's surname is a tribute to pioneering animator and cartoonist Winsor McCay.