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{{character|image = Fred.png|performer=|appear=''[[Cars 2]]''}}
{{character|image = Fred_cars_promo.png|performer=|appear=''[[Cars 2]]''}}
'''Fred Pacer''' is a character in ''[[Cars 2]]''.
'''Fred Pacer''' is a character in ''[[Cars 2]]''.

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Fred Pacer is a character in Cars 2.

Cars 2

Fred is a yellow pacer car who is part of the Pacer family that works with Professor Z. In the film, Fred is seen fighting Finn McMissile in a back alley in Tokyo. He is then thrown into an elevator by McMissile, that violently lifts and crashes with its roof, crushing Fred, leading to his death.



  • Fred's last name "Pacer" is the name of his model.
  • The inscriptions on his die-cast version's tires read "Road Hug - Rack and Minion",which is the same on Acer's tires.
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