Fun Meal Zurg (a.k.a. Mini Zurg) is a Fun Meal toy and is given out at Poultry Palace along with Fun Meal Buzz Lightyears.

Small Fry

Fun Meal Zurg is first seen when Fun Meal Buzz Lightyear is complaining about being on display only. When Fun Meal Buzz Lightyear escapes, he offers Fun Meal Zurg to come with him, but Fun Meal Zurg says he would prefer to stay in the display case with Belt Buckle, as he wanted to avoid getting into trouble with the "chicken people." He also expressed some concern when Fun Meal Buzz Lightyear managed to escape, with the Belt Buckle agreeing by making a buzzing sound. He is then seen again after the credits talking to Belt Buckle, another Fun Meal toy in the display case.


  • "But we're just here to sell chicken."
  • "I better not. I don't wanna get in trouble with the chicken people."
  • "Sometimes you just crack me up, Belt Buckle."

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