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Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal is a place inside the Axiom in WALL•E. In the film, EVE and WALL•E are both dropped into the trash chute, landing in the Garbage Disposal where they encounter two WALL-A (Waste Allocation Load Lifter-Axiom Class) units who compact the garbage of the ship into giant cubes which are then sent into space. All the garbage shoots in the Axiom lead to the garbage disposal. Gray cart robots are seen carrying garbage before they drop it to the garbage shoots. It seems that they deliver most of the garbage that ends up to the garbage disposal.


EVE reactivates when the REM-Es on her body activate her boot and calls for WALL-E, but he is nowhere to be seen. She finds herself stuck in a pile of garbage in the waste disposal facility, inhabited by a pair of giant WALL•A robots, which are much like WALL•E with the exception of size. She is trapped inside a large compressed garbage cube, her boot breaking off in the process, and placed in an airlock, set to be jettisoned into space with the seriously damaged WALL-E, with the hidden plant. While EVE frees herself from the trash and struggles to free WALL•E before the airlock doors close, M-O appears in the chamber, having followed WALL-E there while fixated on cleaning his filthy trail, and charges towards them. The doors close on M-O's head, keeping them open, but the airlock is activated. EVE, holding WALL-E in her arm, clings onto M-O as they are being sucked into the vacuum of space. The WALL-As take notice and deactivate the airlock, saving them. As M-O quickly recovers from this traumatizing experience, finally cleaning as well as befriending WALL•E, EVE helps comfort WALL-E and finds that WALL-E's struggle with AUTO has burned and damaged his motherboard. She desperately scans the airlock, finding some spare parts for him. WALL-E gives her the plant, telling her to bring it to the holo-detector and fulfill her directive, but EVE, now in love with him, refuses. She tosses the plant aside and declares that her new directive is to be with WALL-E, as she believes their love is all that matters. She offers to hold WALL-E's hand much to WALL-E's surprise. However, to EVE's bewilderment, he declines it and picks up the plant, insisting she return it, but EVE is rather indecisive. WALL-E consoles and reminds her that if they return the plant, they will return to Earth, where he had stockpiled spare parts for himself which can be used to repair him. EVE finally agrees and, with WALL-E, M-O and the plant in tow, they escape the facility, while the WALL-As wave goodbye.


  • There is also a deleted scene with the garbage disposal, but this time EVE is damaged by AUTO instead of WALL•E, and WALL-E saves her, instead of EVE saving WALL-E.