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Giuseppe Motorosi is a minor character in Cars 2.

Official Description

"Giuseppe may have "la dolce vita" now, but back in the late 1960s, he had a major spill on the "Curva Parabolica" at Monza during a big race. Thankfully for us, his previous accident couldn't steer him away from the motor-sports world entirely, and he never lost his passion for winning. Signor Motorosi quit racing and has now partnered with fellow Italian and Formula Race champion Francesco Bernoulli. He is confident that they'll sweep the series at the WGP, and if there's one car who knows Francesco better than he knows himself, it's Giuseppe."[1]


  • Giuseppe is modeled as an Alfa Romeo Duetto 1966/69.
  • He has Tru-Tread tires, like Max Schnell (and the other cars with the same body of Max) and Chauncy Fares.



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