The Great Barrier Reef is depicted as the home location of Marlin and Nemo in the Pixar film Finding Nemo.

Locations within

Marlin's former anemone

This pink anemone is where Marlin and Coral once lived until the latter and all but one of their +400 eggs were all presumably eaten by a barracuda, causing Marlin to become overly concerned about Nemo's (his only surviving child) safety.

Marlin and Nemo's current anemone


This orange anemone is where Marlin and Nemo currently live.

Mr. Johanson's backyard

This sandy pit is where the grouchy flounder Mr. Johanson lives. Many fish parents warn their kids not to play in his yard. However, when Mr. Johanson shows up, due to him being a flounder, is completely unable to find the intruders since his eyes are both on only one side of his face.

Sponge beds

These sponge beds serve as a playground to the baby fish. A green parrotfish and a purple tang family usually hang out here, however, one of the baby purple tangs falls off the sponge beds and starts crying.

Mr. Ray's schoolyard

This sandy pit acts as the schoolyard for the spotted eagle ray schoolteacher Mr. Ray. Many fish parents drop their kids off here at the start of each school day.

Dory's Brain Coral

This is a hollowed-out brain coral serving as Dory's home after she moves in next door to Marlin and Nemo's anemone near the beginning of Finding Dory, one year after Finding Nemo.

Stingray Migration

This is a seaweed-filled field where Mr. Ray and his class go to view the annual stingray migration on their field trip.

Species in the Great Barrier Reef

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