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Lightning McQueen: "Who's Hamilton?"
Cruz Ramirez: "My electronic personal assistant. You know, like on your phone."
Lightning McQueen asking Cruz who Hamilton is[3]

Hamilton is a personal assistant program in Cars 3.[1]

Cars 3[]

In the film, Cruz Ramirez uses him as her built-in voice command assistant.


  • Hamilton's voice actor, Lewis Hamilton, also voiced a car of the same name in Cars 2
    • Lewis Hamilton was racing for Mercedes by the time Cars 3 was released, but while doing voice work for Cars 2, he was driving for the Mclaren F1 Team.
  • Sebastian Vettel voices Hamilton in the German and Italian versions, and Fernando Alonso voices him in the Spanish version.[4] Both Vettel and Alonso have competed in Formula One alongside Lewis Hamilton at the time of the film's release.
  • Hamilton is similar to J.A.R.V.I.S from Iron Man
    • Cruz also mentions that Hamilton is like electronic personal assistant "on your phone", which could be a reference to SIRI, a real electronic assistant that is installed in every Apple iPhone.