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The Health Inspector is one of the minor antagonists in Ratatouille.


Skinner calls the health inspector on a public phone outside Gusteau's to report a rat infestation. The inspector replies with him coming to check the restaurant in 3 months time. On the next day, before Remy and the other rats start cooking, the inspector comes in, dropping his documents. Stunned by what he saw, he ran to his car, with Django and some other rats covering the entire car while he tries to start the car. The car eventually starts, but crashes afterwards when Colette returns. Then, the health inspector is seen tied up and being thrown in the food locker by the rats. Near the end of the film, Remy says they could not keep the health inspector (nor Skinner) imprisoned in the food locker forever and were forced to release both of them, which ultimately led to the closure of Gusteau's for health violations.


  • The inspector said that he will come within three months, and if someone cancels one inspection, he'll slot Skinner in. However, he comes to the restaurant on the next day, assuming the fact someone cancelled the inspection.
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