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"Here comes Elastigirl
Stretching her arms
No one's beyond her reach
—Lyrics to Here Comes Elastigirl

Helen Parr (née Truax), also known as Elastigirl and Mrs. Incredible, is one of the main characters in The Incredibles and Incredibles 2.

The Incredibles[]

"Of course, I have a secret identity. Can you see me in this at the supermarket? Come on. Who'd want to go shopping as Elastigirl, you know what I mean?"
—Elastigirl being interviewed
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Elastigirl in her glory days as a superhero

Helen Parr, known by the superheroine name "Elastigirl" in the golden age of superheroism, is a resourceful and dexterous superheroine. Elastigirl has the flexibility superpower so she can stretch any part of her body up to 100' (30 m) to a minimum thickness of 1 mm, and contort her body into several shapes and sizes. Elastigirl falls in love and marries Mr. Incredible (Bob Parr), and they have three children: Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack.

At the beginning of the film, Helen marries Mr. Incredible, taking his last name "Parr" (her maiden name was Truax); their wedding occurs sometime prior to April 23rd, 1957[1]. After a series of lawsuits filed against superheroes and a major uprising of the people, Supers are forced into retirement and identity-confidential agreements under government Surveillance-Protection program. Elastigirl permanently assumes her own secret identity (Helen Parr) and becomes a homemaker who does her best to unify her family and help them adjust to a normal life. She only uses her super-powers in private for convenience. She is content in her life, finding purpose and fulfillment in caring for and raising a family.

Bob, however, does not adjust well to civilian life. Frustrated in his job at Insuricare under a tyrannical boss named Mr. Huph, Bob escapes the monotony of his seemingly average life by sneaking out with his best friend Frozone (Lucius Best) to secretly continue hero work. They get away with this for a while using the cover story that they're bowling, but Helen eventually finds out, and this leads to conflict and tension between Helen and Bob.

Bob is fired from his job at Insuricare after he loses his temper with his boss and injures him by throwing him through the wall. Soon after his termination, he is lured by Mirage to Syndrome's private island, Nomanisan Island, under the ruse of an assignment, in which Mr. Incredible must disable a formidable weapon called the Omnidroid 08 . During the showdown, Bob's super-suit gets torn, but after conquering the Omnidroid 08, he pays a visit to his old friend, retired super-suit designer Edna Mode, who proceeds to make him a brand-new super-suit, as well as matching suits for his entire family. Bob begins taking on more assignments on the island, telling Helen all the while that he is attending Insuricare conferences out of town. After resuming hero work, Bob's temperament at home changes dramatically for the better. He gets back in shape and spends more quality time with Helen and their children. But when Helen finds a strand of platinum blonde hair on Bob's clothes and overhears him on the phone with his contact, Mirage, she becomes suspicious.

Mr. Incredible is lured once more to the island by Syndrome, who intends to kill him. Meanwhile back at home, Helen notices the new patch on Bob's old super-suit and contacts Edna, who insists upon seeing Helen immediately. She shows Helen all of the super-suits, and Helen is furious at Edna for helping Bob resume secret hero work behind her back. Edna, who was unaware that he was hiding anything from Helen, informs Helen of the homing device she included in each super-suit. Helen uses it to locate Bob and is briefly overcome with emotion, convinced that Bob is cheating on her. Edna snaps her out of it, smacking her furiously with a newspaper and encouraging her to go to him and win him back. An accomplished pilot, Helen borrows a jet from Snug, her pilot from the Golden Days, to journey to the island and find her husband. During the flight, she finds Violet and Dash stowed away. Syndrome sends missiles in response to her request to land on the island and the plane is destroyed, the transmission of Elastigirl's pleas to call off the missiles playing in the containment unit where Bob is being held. Elastigirl uses her body as a parachute, and with the help of her new, indestructible super-suit, saves herself and her children from the wreckage. They land safely in the water, and Elastigirl morphs her body into a boat, which is propelled by Dash's super speed and carries Violet to land. Mirage confirms the destruction of the jet, leaving Bob to believe his family has been killed. In his grief and at the provocation of Syndrome, he uses a surge of strength to lunge for Syndrome, but Mirage pushes him to safety and he grabs her instead. Mr. Incredible threatens to crush her and Syndrome tells him to get on with it, calling this bluff. Mr. Incredible releases Mirage, who is infuriated by Syndrome's casual disregard for her life and leads to her change of heart toward Mr. Incredible.

Elastigirl and the children seek shelter in a cave, where Elastigirl tells Dash and Violet that she is afraid their father is in trouble and instructs them to stay hidden while she goes to look for him. She warns both Violet and Dash that the enemies that shot their plane down are merciless killers, and urges them to use their powers to protect themselves at all costs. Elastigirl also tries to bolster Violet's confidence by telling her that she has more power than she realizes, and not to worry or think because she will do the right thing when the time comes.

Helen checks herself out.

Helen looks at the mirror.

Elastigirl leaves the cave to save Bob. She uses her quick thinking skills and her incredible elasticity to make her way to the containment unit where her husband is being held captive. After sneaking past the guards, her eye catches her own buttocks in a hallway mirror to embarrassingly feel her own bodily weight while noting that she has slacked on her figure and thinks about burning off her extra pounds. She nearly runs into more of Syndrome's security guards and attempts to evade them, but gets one of her legs stuck in a door and gets her abdomen stuck as well when she attempts to steal a guard's keycard. Two guards that just entered an elevator spot her, but she quickly punches them out before getting her arm stuck in the elevator door.

She unintentionally uses her abdomen as a trip wire and knocks two other guards on the ground. One guard pokes her leg from behind the first door, Elastigirl kicks him unconscious. Her leg freed, as the weight of her hips/thighs propel towards the last two guards quickly slamming them against the second door then looks behind at her plump portions with approval, deciding to keep her new figure. Freeing herself using the guard's keycard, she then drags the guards away and stuffs them into lockers to avoid being compromised, though she struggles with how heavy they are and ends up falling on her glutes.


Elastigirl's "Mrs. Incredible" super-suit

During Elastigirl's journey, the children narrowly escape the cave, which was actually a release area for the massive flames shot from Syndrome's rocket during takeoff. They are discovered in the jungle which sets off an intruder alert. Mirage hears the alert and realizes Mr. Incredible's family survived the crash. She sneaks into the containment unit to release him and to tell him his family is alive. Flooded with relief and gratitude, he draws Mirage into an embrace right as Elastigirl enters the room. Elastigirl, livid, delivers an extended punch from the doorway, knocking Mirage to the ground, believing Mr. Incredible has been unfaithful to her. Mr. Incredible grasps her extended arm and pulls her in as quickly as he can. Elastigirl resists, but of course, is no match for his strength, and he kisses her passionately, asking her how she could think he would ever betray "the perfect woman." Mirage urges them to hurry because their children are in danger, and Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl escape into the jungle to find them. Meanwhile, Violet and Dash are attacked by Syndrome's security force. Dash successfully outruns several of them, and Violet hides effectively until Dash is nearly killed. Violet instinctively reacts to save her brother, finding her strength and generating a massive force field that shields them both and allows Dash to propel them forward and out of harm's way. The children and Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl literally run into each other along the way and continue to fight the security forces until Syndrome arrives on the scene and recaptures the entire family.

Back in the containment unit, Syndrome reveals that he intends to use his latest Omnidroid model to attack the city of Metroville, and then orchestrate a rescue, in which he appears to defeat the immense weapon, which is in reality under his control. The Incredibles are able to escape when Violet uses her force fields to break her magnetic bonds and manage to journey back to Metroville with the help of Mirage, where they, along with Frozone, destroy the Omnidroid v.10 and save the city once again.

Back at their house, they are again confronted by Syndrome, who tries to kidnap Jack-Jack. Syndrome uses his rocket boots to reach his plane, and Jack-Jack reveals his shape-shifting powers in mid-air to overcome Syndrome. Mr. Incredible throws Elastigirl into the air and she catches Jack-Jack, using her body as a parachute once again to return them safely to the ground. Mr. Incredible throws his car at Syndrome's plane, and Syndrome is killed when his cape is sucked into the turbine of his private jet, also resulting in the explosion of his plane.

Three months later, Helen is seen with the rest of the family cheering on Dash at his school's sports day where he finished second. With the threat of The Underminer looming in the city afterward, Helen is seen wearing her mask as she joins the family in the fight against the villain.

Incredibles 2[]

Elastigirl helps her family attempt to defeat the Underminer, though he escapes. They manage to save the Municiberg town hall, however, they are arrested by the police and require Rick Dicker to bail them out. Dicker escorts them to a motel that they will live in until they find a new home. He tells Helen and Bob that the Super Relocation Program has been shut down and they can only stay at the motel for two weeks. At dinner, she argues against fighting crime against, telling her family that the law dictates they cannot do so.

Helen, Bob and Lucius make their way to DevTech, where they meet Winston and Evelyn Deavor. Helen is selected by Winston to be the face of a publicity stunt to gain the public's support of Supers, with the ultimate aim of making them legal again, since she causes the least collateral damage. Helen is reluctant to accept but Bob urges her to do so as their choice is to accept the offer and try to make themselves legal again or remain illegal and become homeless. Helen and her family move into a luxurious mansion provided by Winston. She is given a grey super-suit modeled after her original Elastigirl suit and designed by Alexander Galbaki, but bemoans how 'dark' it looks. In the garage, she is shown a new Elasticycle and marvels it, noting it is electric-powered.

She is sent to New Urbem to look for any crimes being committed. Evelyn tells her via the bike's radio that there is a high chance of trouble at the Metrolev train line opening. Elastigirl arrives at the train station and watches the Metrolev train take off for the first time. However, it stops and starts traveling the wrong way. Elastigirl gives chase, asking Evelyn if there's any way the train can be stopped, to no avail. During the chase, Dash calls her, asking where his shoes are since he lost them, to which she tells him to look under his bed. She continues to give chase to the runaway train, but must ditch her bike as the train reaches a tunnel, leading to the bike exploding when it hits the wall above the tunnel entrance. After it exits the tunnel, she manages to split the train in two and pulls the front half of it in her parachute form just before it falls off the end of the track. Just as Elastigirl thought she was finished, the other half of the train shunts into the front half and leaves the front half teetering over the edge. Elastigirl goes inside the train to check on the passengers and driver, but sees that the driver was hypnotized by the Screenslaver. He transmits a welcome message on the screen to Elastigirl, announcing himself to her. That night, she rings Bob to tell him she saved a runaway train, to which Bob congratulates her through gritted teeth, hiding his jealousy.

Elastigirl attends an interview regarding the campaign to legalize Supers. Before the interview, she meets Ambassador Selick, who tells Elastigirl she is the 'gold standard' of superheroes. Her interview with Chad Brentley is interrupted by the Screenslaver, where Chad and the recording crew are hypnotized. A hypnotized Chad tells Elastigirl that the ambassador's helicopter could be hijacked by the Screenslaver, so she uses a chair to break a window to quickly leave the building and get to the helicopter. She initially boards the wrong helicopter, but is shown which one the Ambassador is on. She commandeers the aircraft and stabilizes it, then pushes the crew out of the helicopter and into a river. Since the ambassador cannot swim, Elastigirl uses her parachute form to jump while holding her. She asks the ambassador if she is fine, to which she says she is, but then faints from shock.

The following day, Elastigirl attends a rally celebrating her efforts to improve the reputation of Supers, where she sees young girl holds up a placard reminding her that Screenslaver is still at large. She reports to Winston's office and claims that she is happy with how the campaign is progressing, but Winston senses that she feels uneasy. She is worried since Screenslaver is still out there, but Evelyn tells her to stop worrying and shows her a room of several 'wannabe' Supers. Voyd is immediately ecstatic to meet her hero, and fumbles over her words. She shows off her ability to create portals, which impresses Elastigirl. Elastigirl then converses with the other wannabe supers, who also show their powers off. She then talks to Evelyn, who talks about how she invents stuff while Winston is the face of the company. This gives Elastigirl an idea, which is for Evelyn to build a device to track down the Screenslaver, and they fist bump in celebration.

She in again interviewed by Chad Brentley, only this time she is on top of a telecommunications tower. Soon after it starts, she picks up a signal, which leads her to Screenslaver's lair. She makes her way towards the apartment where he is, and enters through a window a few stories high. After looking around for a few seconds, the Screenslaver reveals himself, and a fight ensues. They trade blows until Screenslaver decides to activate a time bomb and escape from the apartment. Elastigirl gives chase until she corners him, tackling him out of the window and using her parachute form to carry him safely to the ground. Screenslaver is revealed to be a pizza delivery boy and is arrested by the police.

The next night, a celebration of Screenslaver's capture is held at Devtech. Winston gives a speech, saying that representatives from all over the world will meet on Winston's superyacht to legalize Supers by signing an accord. Elastigirl gives a short speech, then feels unsure about who she caught while talking to Voyd. Elastigirl realizes that the man behind the mask was being controlled by someone else. It turns out to be Evelyn who is behind all the attacks. Evelyn manages to overpower Helen by putting mind-controlling goggles on her.

Elastigirl wakes up with the goggles turned off, realizing she has been captured by Evelyn. Evelyn tells her not to use her elasticity to break free since the chamber she is in is extremely cold, which makes her body brittle. Evelyn tell her she made a mistake by trusting someone that she just met, and that Evelyn will use her to keep Supers illegal forever. Evelyn rings Bob to tell him that his wife is in trouble, so he decides to suit up and go to Devtech, but not before asking Lucius to look after the kids. Once at Devtech, Bob attempts to save Helen but is lured into a trap and also becomes mind-controlled.

A hypnotized Elastigirl boards the Everjust with Evelyn and the other hypnotized supers, which now includes Frozone. As part of the super legalization ceremony, Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, and Frozone are in attendance, where they are expected to speak. However, Evelyn hypnotizes everyone else at the ceremony so that Elastigirl can give a speech that puts Supers in a bad light. The three supers proclaim that they have grown tired of having to hide and of the flaws of non-supers, and that only the fittest will survive. Elastigirl tips over the camera, leaving Chad Brentley confused.

Evelyn tells Elastigirl to steer the superyacht so that it is facing Municiberg, then Mr. Incredible destroys the control panel. The Parr children enter the bridge and are immediately attacked by their parents and Frozone, but are protected by Violet's force field. Jack-Jack floats into his mother's hands, but does not receive any affection from her. Jack-Jack notices the hypno-goggles and uses his telekinesis power to dislodge them from his mother's eyes, freeing her of hypnosis. She gives him to Violet and frees Mr. Incredible and Frozone of their hypnosis. Since her grey supersuit was ripped, Violet hands over her red supersuit. She helps her family and Frozone free the wannabe supers of their hypnosis, with the exception of Krushauer, who is dealt with by Mr. Incredible.

While the other Supers deal with stopping the Everjust from crashing into New Urbem, Helen goes after Evelyn who is trying to escape, and is teleported into the jet through Voyd's portal. Once she encounters Evelyn, Evelyn steers roughly to throw her around the cabin. Evelyn taunts her as she feels the effects of hypoxia, but then sees a flare gun and shoots Evelyn's oxygen tank, which propels her out of the jet. Elastigirl pilots the jet and figures out her bearings, then jumps out of the jet to catch a falling Evelyn. Evelyn breaks free, not wanting to be saved by her enemy, but is grabbed again by Elastigirl. She uses her parachute form and Voyd's portal to safely land on the superyacht, just before it reaches the city. Frozone's ice protects the buildings from damage and Evelyn's plan is thwarted. Afterward, Winston thanks her for saving his sister. She is present at the courthouse as the Super Relocation Act is officially repealed, enabling Supers to resume hero work.

Helen is with her family and Tony Rydinger are in a new family car on their way to the cinema. Bob and Helen claim they will not be watching Violet and Tony in the cinema, though Bob winks in the rearview mirror. Two cars engaged in a shootout drive past once they get to the cinema. Helen and her family prepare to intervene, though not before Violet shoves Tony out of the car and tells him they will be back before the previews finish. The car transforms into a redesigned Incredibile, and drives off towards the shootout.


In her younger days, Elastigirl was very adamant about breaking into a man’s world (that is, the world of superheroes). She also didn't feel that marriage was in her future because she believed that marriage would ruin her style. However, she ultimately falls in love with Mr. Incredible and marries him. Following their marriage and the subsequent outlawing of Supers, Helen gives up her independent feminist attitude of breaking into the male-dominated world of Supers, as their abolition makes that a moot point. She takes on a more traditionalist mindset as a wife and mother.

Elastigirl as a housewife has a sharp wit and cares for her family's well-being. She wants to make them satisfied but is concerned that no one finds out that they're superheroes. While she can be a little irascible at times, she typically tries to remain composed, though she can get panicked or angry under pressure. She is often more authoritative with her kids than her husband Bob, who is often too sidetracked to be substantially commanding. She got into a fight with Bob over Dash being punished for performing a prank, which Bob actually thought was hilarious. Helen argued that Bob is encouraging rebellious behavior in Dash, something she wants to nip in the bud.

Helen is the ultimate supermom. She uses both her superpowers and her innate abilities as a wife and mother to unify her family, and protects them at all costs. She is quick-witted, resourceful, talented, passionate, driven, and supportive. Throughout the story, she is the only unwavering character, always sure of herself and always caring for those around her. She is the stronghold in the Parr family and the one that holds them all together, for better or worse.


According to official sources, Helen is in her late thirties (38-years-old), and she is 5'8" (173 cm) in height, and she is 125 pounds (56.8 kg) in weight. She has an attractive face that features fair skin, rosy cheeks, pink lips, brown eyes, with voluminous long hair that is auburn (reddish-brown).

In her glory days as Elastigirl, she had long red hair worn in a flip, had a slender and athletic physique, with the exception of rather wide hips. She wore a light grey leotard with a black and white "E"/"G" insignia on the chest, with a scarlet headband, mask, and belt, arm-length scarlet gloves, and thigh-high scarlet boots. When she wore the outfit again when first visiting Winston Deavor, she wore dark tights.

After fifteen years of forced retirement and being a stay-at-home housewife: Helen's hair is now styled into a medium side-bob, the color went from a ginger to a brunette due to eumelanin production increases as she ages. Also, much to her chagrin especially after having three kids, she slightly develops postpartum engorgement and weight-gain on both her bust and hip measurements, but maintained her small waist. This took her a while to notice her current figure from seeing herself in a reflection while wearing a tight body-suit.

Following Mr. Incredible's secret return to hero work, the family's old friend and designer extraordinaire Edna Mode designs a new super-suit for him, along with matching suits for Helen and their three children. Helen's "Mrs. Incredible" super-suit is a red unitard with black gear such as an eye mask, elbow-length gloves, thigh-high-boots, and bottoms (which were custom-made around the "large" department after Edna measured Helen's hip size) with an orange belt, complete with an orange, black and yellow "I" insignia on the chest that houses a homing device.

When Helen is tapped to lead a campaign to bring the supers back in Incredibles 2, she gets a new suit designed by Alexander Galbaki. The suit has a silver leotard with a magenta belt and a magenta "EG" insignia on the chest, with a black eye mask, dark gray tights, and black over-the-elbow gloves and thigh-high boots. However, the suit gets ripped on the shoulder near the end of the film on the EverJust, and she reverts back to her red "Mrs. Incredible" suit.

Powers, Abilities & Weaknesses[]


Elastigirl's NSA file.

The Operation Kronos Database assigned Elastigirl a threat rating of 6.2 and termed her a "moderate threat".

  • Superhuman Elasticity: Elastigirl can convert the mass of her entire body into a highly malleable state at will. In such a state, she can stretch, deform, expand, or compress her entire body or parts thereof into any contiguous shape she can imagine. She can extend her limbs, torso, or neck to great distances: the maximum length she can distend before her body segments become painful is about 30 meters. The Operation Kronos database states that she can also leap up to 80 feet (24.39 m) via her elasticity. She can also extend her body in two directions, creating a canopy, parachute, or sheath, its thickness determined by the extent of its distention; Elastigirl's minimum thickness is recorded by the NSA at 1 mm. How her body's respiration and circulatory systems function at the distorted extremes she can achieve is currently unknown. The greater the distance she stretches or the more extended the size of the object she becomes, the weaker her overall strength becomes.
    • Shapeshifting: She has also shown the ability to shapeshift via her elasticity. An example of this is when she transforms into a boat in the middle of the ocean to get Violet and Dash to shore. Another instance is when she transformed into a parachute twice in The Incredibles: first to safely land Violet and Dash in the middle of the ocean and second to safely bring Jack-Jack back onto the ground.
    • Density Alteration: The fact that she can also manipulate her body shape and even decrease in volume means her mass can be moved to go with it.
    • Superhuman Agility: Helen possesses superhuman agility, which allows her to perform acrobatic and gymnastic movements very easily.
    • Superhuman Durability: Due to the great malleability and elasticity of her body, Elastigirl has high durability to physical injury. For example, Helen was able to temporarily suspend the weight of a motor home with her body in sheering winds, though this did cause her to grit her teeth with noticeable strain.[2]

  • Skilled Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Elastigirl is shown to be an exceptional motorcycle driver, pilot, operative, investigator, and tactician, as well as a masterful hand-to-hand combatant.
  • Enhanced Eyesight: Elastigirl has shown to be able to see very small things, even at long distances: she was able to spot a tiny piece of wall on Bob's shoulder even from the other side of a dimly lit room.
  • Skilled Pilot: Helen is a highly skilled pilot.
  • Skilled Motorcyclist: Elastigirl is an expert at driving motorcycles, having once had her own personalized motorcycle that was called the Elasticycle before her retirement. She demonstrated great skill in driving the one given to her by Evelyn and was able to ride precarious ledges and use her elastic powers to slingshot herself and her cycle across far distances in order to catch up to a runaway train.

  • "I would resist the temptation to stretch. The temperature around you is well below freezing. Try to stretch and you'll break."
    —Evelyn Deavor to Elastigirl
    • Temperature Extremes: If Elastigirl is exposed to extreme cold, her body becomes harder and less pliable as the temperature decreases until ultimately it actually becomes brittle, possibly breaking if she exerts too much force. This can be seen when she awakens in Evelyn's low-temperature chamber and struggles to stretch her arm to free herself from the chair. Likewise, if she is exposed to extreme heat, such as electricity, she seems to enter a pseudo-melted state, where she is weak, limp and extremely pliable. For instance, during her fight with the Screenslaver in his light cage, she got zapped several times, temporarily rendering her limbs weak and disabled, causing her to limp as she was chasing after the Screenslaver. [3]
    • Substantial Blunt Forces: Absorbing large shocks to her form is physically exhausting and a sufficient amount of blunt force, such as three anti-aircraft missiles going off at the same time, can render her unconscious.
    • Elasticity: Her own elasticity can sometimes be problematic, as it caused her leg, torso, and arm to be caught in three doors.


    • When Elastigirl got upset by looking at the size of her lower physique in the mirror, it's just as Tinker Bell did in Peter Pan (1953), when Tinker Bell looked at herself in the mirror and was surprised by the size of herself from the waist down, which she has a similar figure to Helen.
      • Ironically, Tinker Bell's curves got smaller over time, while Elastigirl's curves got bigger in Incredibles 2.
    • Helen wears her hair in a 1960s medium length side-bob shaped like a curved heart, but when her hairstyle gets submerged into water or mud, it falls down straight to her shoulders. But when her hair dries right after, it goes back to the same style as it was before.
    • Because her maiden name was Truax, Helen could be of a French, Belgian or Canadian heritage on her side of the family.
    • The first concept sketches of an Elastigirl prototype was pencilled out back in 1993 during the production of Toy Story. Helen being first imagined by both Brad Bird and Tony Fucile as having long and wavy brunette hair (which she wears into a ponytail as a civilian), had a figure and build similar to Jessica Rabbit, as well as wearing a white super-suit with a cape and no mask.
    • Helen Parr's flight approach into Nomanisan Island is similar to Dorinda's (also played by Holly Hunter) end-of-movie flight in Always where the plane is in an uncontrollable dive and then she pulls hard on the controls to regain control of the plane. In both, she is initially distracted before returning to the controls to avert complete disaster when the plane crashes.
    • When borrowing a plane, Helen's pilot call sign is "India Golf Niner-Niner", which translates to IG99, a reference to the 1999 film The Iron Giant, also directed by Brad Bird.
    • In the alternate opening to the movie, Helen Parr (then known by Helen Smith) was to be present at a welcoming ceremony by their neighbors along with her husband and daughter Violet (who was an infant at the time). One of her neighbors talks badly about children, causing Helen to snap at her and almost reveal her true identity, but managed to stop herself when her neighbor asked what her former job was. She also ended up allegedly taking Bob Smith to the hospital after the latter allegedly severely injured his fingers with a butcher knife while working the barbecue (In actuality, he was not injured at all, and dented the cleaver with his fingers as a result of his superhuman durability, so they were forced to fake his injury in order to maintain his secret identity). They were later endangered by an old enemy of Mr. Incredible, Syndrome (then a minor villain), but they managed to escape the house when their encounter with Syndrome caused a gas leak that detonated, although Syndrome was not nearly as lucky.
    • Coincidentally enough, Elastigirl, Helen's superhero name, is also the name of a superheroine with similar elasticity-based superpowers that originated from the DC Comics superhero team, the Doom Patrol. Their civilian names are also similar, with the DC character's surname being Farr. To avoid copyrights, Pixar was forced to use the name Mrs. Incredible for marketing. The DC character's name has since been changed to Elasti-Woman, presumably as a compromise to allow Pixar to use "Elastigirl" again.
    • The novel A Real Stretch: An Elastigirl Prequel Story reveals that Helen's secret identity used to be Helen Highwater before she married Robert Parr.
      • In Incredibles 2, Helen tells Bob that she used to have a motorcycle and a mohawk during the glory days, both of which Bob was unaware of. This is contradictory to the prequel novel.
    • Helen is the only member in the Parr family with brown eyes, as her husband and all three of their children have blue eyes.
    • During the interview that opens the first movie, Helen's attitude towards a possible retirement is denying the idea completely, while Bob admits he would do it; while actually retired, their attitudes are reversed.
    • Elastigirl is the second female Pixar character to own and ride a motorcycle. The first was Colette from Ratatouille.
    • A Walt Disney World Bus wrap has Elastigirl on her Elasticycle on both sides aligned with the bus tires.


    From The Incredibles[]

    "Dashiell Robert Parr, you are an incredibly competitive boy and a bit of a show off. The last thing you need is temptation."
    —To Dash after he is sent to the principal's office
    "I mean either he's in trouble or he's going to be."
    —When Helen is getting ready to find Bob Parr on Nomanisan Island
    "Remember the bad guys on those shows you used to watch on Saturday mornings? Well these guys aren't like those guys. They won't exercise restraint because you're children. They will kill you if they get the chance. Do not give them that chance."
    —To Dash and Violet when they're on Nomanisan Island
    "Don't take Seventh!"
    —When the Parr family goes to Metroville to fight the Omnidroid

    From Incredibles 2[]

    "This is Elastigirl, I'm in."
    —When Helen calls Winston Deavor to accept his offer to make Supers legal again.
    "What if the Pizza Guy was really a pizza guy, but he was controlled by the screens build into his glasses!"
    —When Helen realizes that she fought a mind-controlled man under who would turn out to be Evelyn Deavor
    "[laughs] "I don't wanna die.""
    —When Helen suffering from hypoxia.
    "I missed Jack-Jack's first power?!"
    —After they stop the Everjust from crashing into the city.



    The Incredibles[]

    Incredibles 2[]


    The Incredibles[]

    Incredibles 2[]


    The Incredibles[]

    Incredibles 2[]


    1. Edna describes Stratogale's death thus: "Stratogale! April 23rd, '57! Cape caught in a jet turbine!" yet Stratogale attends Bob and Helen's wedding, so they married prior to April 23rd, 1957
    2. The Incredibles
    3. Incredibles 2