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"I would die for Riley!"
—Imaginary Boyfriends, upon creation

The Imaginary Boyfriends are a group of characters from Inside Out.


The Imaginary Boyfriends are created in Riley's mind using a generator in Imagination Land. Presumably the embodiment of Riley's idea of the ideal boyfriend, they are said to come from Canada, spend most of their time taking selfies, and act with overly dramatic gestures. However, they selflessly state, "I would die for Riley!" when created. Joy later takes advantage of this and collects a large group of them into Bing Bong's bottomless bag to use them as a catapult to allow her to reach Headquarters. Most or all of them are sent down into the Memory Dump, where they presumably stayed and faded out of existence or crushed by the rest of family island which completely collapsed after off screen, sacrificing themselves for Joy and Sadness the way Bing Bong did.