Woody witnessing the incinerator from afar.

The Incinerator is a location at the Tri-County Landfill and part of the climax of Toy Story 3.

Toy Story 3

After escaping the shredder, Rex sees a light, thinking it's daylight. Woody says it's not daylight, but the light of an incinerator. Rex, Woody, and the other toys run for their lives. Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear then spots a ladder leading to a stop button to stop the conveyor belt. Woody and Buzz Lightyear give a boost and he climbs up the ladder and reaches the button. However, instead pushing the button to save Andy's toys, Lotso runs off and leaves them to die. As the toys near their fiery end, Buzz looks at Jessie and grabs her hand. Jessie then grabs one of Bullseye's hooves with her free hand. Afterwards, Slinky Dog grabs Hamm's hoof, and Hamm uses his free hoof to grab Rex's hand. Mr. Potato Head then grabs one of Mrs. Potato Head's hands and Rex's free hand. Woody looks at all his friends holding hands and then joins them by grabbing Buzz and Slinky's free hands. The toys then close their eyes and await their fate. However, at the last minute, the Aliens, who had gone to a different part of the dump, save all the toys with a giant crane. Woody smiles a smile of relief. As the aliens put their friends down safely, Buzz and Jessie are the only ones still holding hands. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head thank the Aliens for saving them. Hamm and Slinky decide to get revenge on Lotso for leaving them to die; however, Woody talks them out of it.


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