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Inside Out 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the soundtrack album composed by Andrea Datzman. The soundtrack was released on June 14, 2024, the same day as the film's release date.

Track listing[]

  1. "Outside Intro"
  2. "Go Team!"
  3. "The Life of Riley"
  4. "Thread the Needle"
  5. "Riley Protection System"
  6. "Creating a Sense of Self"
  7. "Demo Day"
  8. "Ride and Prejudice"
  9. "Anxious to Meet You"
  10. "Seeking Val-idation"
  11. "Sending Out an S.o.S."
  12. "Bloofy & Co."
  13. "Flight for Fighting"
  14. "Fawn of a New Day"
  15. "Return to Imagination Land"
  16. "To Project and Disserve"
  17. "What’s the Big Idea?"
  18. "Red Hairing"
  19. "Recovering a Sense of Self"
  20. "Joyless"
  21. "The Puck Drops Here"
  22. "A Mind at Freeze"
  23. "Growing Up Is Hard to Do"
  24. "Glide and Joy"
  25. "Every Messy, Beautiful Part of Her"
  26. "Inside Outro"
  27. "Done Track Mind"


  • Inside Out 2 is the first Pixar feature film to be scored by a woman.