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Cameos, in-jokes, re-used animation, and other trivia from Inside Out 2.

References to Inside Out[]

  • Riley's sleep shirt bears the logo for Brang, her father's then-new company from the first film.
  • In a flashback scene, Riley tries on her rainbow shirt she wore in the first film when she moved to San Francisco and she's disappointed that she grew out of it.
  • Joy asks Sadness, "Have I ever steered you wrong before?" to which Sadness replies, "Yes, many times," referring to the plot of the first movie; Joy repeatedly showed Sadness there was no reason for Riley to be sad.
  • Joy has a figurine of Bing Bong and his rocket next to her bed.
  • Mind Security Guards Frank and Dave reappear in the Vault. After they get captured, the tag inside one of their hats reads "My Hat."
  • Joy reminds Sadness of how well she knows the Mind Manuals. Sadness read most of them in the first film.
  • The TripleDent Gum jingle is prominently among the music-related memories Anxiety recalls.
  • Envy discovers a memory of Riley's father in a rock band. Mr. Andersen recalled the same memory in Riley's First Date?
  • A shot of Riley stealing her mother's credit card appears within a purple memory orb.
  • A shot of Riley tripping during her first hockey tryouts appears in a blue and red memory orb.
  • Jordan is among the heads on "Mount Crushmore."


  • Sox is depicted within a milk carton logo.
  • Riley has a 4*Town poster and a red Luxo, Sr. lamp in her bedroom.
    • Grey Luxo, Sr. lamps appear at the hockey camp. One is most notably on Coach Roberts' desk.
  • To show Sadness the now-tiny Family Island, Joy hands her a non-anthropomorphic Lenny the Binoculars.
  • An origami Pizza Planet Truck appears inside the emotions' bedroom.
  • A113 (denoted in Roman Numerals as "ACXIII") is where the five main emotions are stored within the Vault.
  • One of the music-related memories contains a shot of the boy from Float.
  • The Luxo Ball is visible during the Parade of Future Careers.
  • One of Anxiety's final projections shows a skeleton similar to those from Coco dressed in Riley's clothes.
  • The Stork from For the Birds and a cup of Dole Whip (featuring a Mickey Mouse insignia on the cup) are among the crayon drawings within the end credits.

Other trivia[]

  • Mindy Kaling and Bill Hader did not return to voice their respective characters (Disgust and Fear), following a reported contract dispute. Kaling and Hader were subsequently replaced by Liza Lapira and Tony Hale.
  • Riley and her friends eat pizza from Spinney's Pizza, named for Sesame Street performer Caroll Spinney, who portrayed Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. This was a personal tribute from director Kelsey Mann, who described himself as "a huge fan" of Sesame Street growing up.[1]
  • One of Anxiety's projections (specifically, #65) shows Riley reacting in disgust to a teen boy ogling Val, a nod to the "Distracted Boyfriend" internet meme.
  • After Joy disrupts Anxiety's projection team, one of the mind workers chucks a stool at the main jumbotron. This is a nod to Apple's 1984 Macintosh commercial, wherein an athlete throws a Javelin at a dystopic, mind-controlling monitor.
  • This is the first Inside Out film to be produced in the 2.39:1 aspect ratio, unlike the first film (which was produced in the 16:9 ratio).
  • Inside Out 2 is the fifth Pixar film to earn $1 billion at the global box office. The previous films to achieve this feat are Toy Story 3, Finding Dory, Incredibles 2, and Toy Story 4. Inside Out 2 also surpassed Incredibles 2 as the highest grossing Pixar film.[2]


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