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Jangles the Clown is a character in Inside Out.

Inside Out

Jangles is an evil clown who lives in the mind of Riley Andersen. He is imprisoned in Subconscious, the darkest part of her mind. When Joy and Sadness enter Riley's Subconscious they find Bing Bong detained on top of Jangles. After they rescue Bing Bong, they wake up Jangles so he can wake Riley up and allow Joy and Sadness to ride the Train of Thought and get home to Headquarters. They lower Jangles into Dream Productions, where Riley captures his image and awakens. Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong then hop onto the Train of Thought and escape Jangles.

During the credits scene, it is revealed that Jangles is based on a real clown and that he secretly hates his job, as he is revealed to have mostly sad memories.

Emotions: Jangles' Emotions are seen in the post-credits scene. They are all wearing clown makeup like him. His Joy emotion says, "Six years of drama school, for this?"


  • Several Pixar employees confirmed that Jangles is a tribute to Joe Ranft, who occasionally dressed up as a clown.[1][2] Jangles is based on a character Ranft created, Buttocks the Clown.[3]
  • His appearance, as well as his name, is similar to Chuckles the Clown in Toy Story 3.



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