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Sid: "Oh, no, Hannah!"
Hannah: "What?"
Sid: "Look, Janie!" (takes Janie from Hannah)
Hannah: "Hey!"
Sid: "She's sick!"
Hannah: "No, she's not!"
Sid: "I'll have to perform one of my operations."
Hannah: "No! Don't touch her! No! Hey, give her back! Sid! Sid!"
—Sid and Hannah, as Sid takes Janie from Hannah

Janie and Pterodactyl are two of Sid's toys in Toy Story.

Toy Story


Sid's "operation"

Originally, Janie has belonged to Sid's sister Hannah until Sid has stolen it from her, and runs to his room. In Toy Story, Sid switches Janie's head with that of the Pterodactyl, and shows Hannah the mixed combination, causing Hannah to scream and tell their mother on him. Later, the other mutant toys fix Janie and Pterodactyl by taping their heads on their correct bodies. During Woody's escape plan, the two ride Jingle Joe for transportation.


  • In Toy Story 3 at Sunnyside Daycare, more Pterodactyls are seen that are similar to the one in Toy Story. But they are purple and green, while the one in the first film is gray.
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