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[[File:234567.png|frame|Sid's "operation"]]
[[File:234567.png|frame|Sid's "operation"]]
[[Category:Toy Story Characters]]
[[Category:Toy Story Characters]]
[[Category:Females ]]

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Janie and Pterodactyl

Sid: "Janie's all better now."
Hannah: *screams* "Mom!"
Sid: "She's lying! Whatever she says, it's not true!"
—Sid and Hannah after giving Janie her "operation"

Janie and Pterodactyl are two of Sid's toys. Janie originally belonged to Sid's sister, Hannah. In Toy Story, Sid switched their heads but the other mutant toys fixed them with tape afterwords. During Woody's escape plan they rode Jingle Joe for transportation.


Sid's "operation"

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