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Lightning McQueen: "You're not Mack."
Jerry: "Mack? I ain't no Mack! I'm a Peterbilt, for dang sake! Turn on your lights, you moron!"
Lightning McQueen meeting Jerry

Jerry Recycled Batteries (credited as Peterbilt) is a minor character in Cars. He is the truck that was thought to be Mack by Lightning McQueen. He is a truck who does a few deliveries at night.


"Jerry's a pretty easygoing guy. Nothing makes him happier than running routes on the open road, no one to report to, no need to wash. It's the best! There's only one thing that can set him in a bad mood, and that's being mistaken for a Mack truck. After all, he's a Peterbilt and proud of it!"[1]

After Lightning McQueen jumped Trev Diesel, he catches up to the truck that was supposedly Mack. Lightning drives up to the truck, and realizes that it's not Mack he's looking for. Jerry thought the car was calling him a Mack truck, which made him feel insulted. The Peterbilt tells the rookie to turn on his lights.


  • Jerry is Joe Ranft's final speaking part for Pixar before his death, since Red doesn't really have any dialogue in the film; his dialogue was restricted to crying.
  • Jerry is a cabover engine Peterbilt 352.
  • Jerry appeared in Heavy Metal Mater as one of the trucks at Top Down Truckstop watching Mater and his band perform.
  • In the storyboard of the movie, his side says "Jerry's Junk".
  • His model also resembles the Eggman Movers truck which is also based off of a Peterbilt Cabover .
  • This is Joe Ranft's 1st character role in Cars with the 2nd being Red.



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