Jerry Slugworth (credited as Floor Manager) is a character in Monsters, Inc.. He is a tall, red monster with blue stripes on his body, with seven fingers on each of his hands. He wears a black headset.

Monsters, Inc.

Jerry is the floor manager for Monsters, Inc. He is a supervisor of Scare Floor F, where Mike and Sulley work, and his job is to make sure everything is how it should be.

He first appears in a commercial for Monsters, Inc. that Mike and Sulley watch in their apartment room.

He counts down the amount of time left in seconds until it is time for the monsters to go into the human world to scare the children to harvest energy.

When George Sanderson exits a child's room with a sock attached to his back, Charlie alerts to Jerry, who rushes over to activate the alarm that summons the CDA.


  • The spikes Jerry has on his head seem to resemble hair.
  • He is briefly seen in Mike's New Car.


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