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John: "Uh, John."
John: "No, John."
—WALL•E and John meet

John is a human passenger aboard the Axiom. He has blond hair.


While about his usual business around the Axiom, John presumed that WALL•E was a waiter bot to take away his drink. Unfortunately, WALL•E accidentally made him fall over, and steward bots told him to wait for assistance. WALL•E helped him before following the MVR-A cartbot carrying EVE.

While at the windows, John noticed WALL•E space dancing with EVE. The other human next to him, Mary, also met the robot. Upon seeing each other, they quickly fell in love. They are later seen on the Lido Deck late at night when no one else is around, playfully splashing in the pool, against the objections of a robotic life guard that John playfully splashed to shut it up, shorting it out in the process.

When AUTO tipped the ship over to prevent The Plant from being placed inside of the Holo-detector, Mary and John saved a bunch of babies that fell out of their hoverchairs as they themselves were, he then observed with the rest of the Axiom Passengers as Captain McCrea stood up and charged at AUTO and deactivated him to right the ship again. He then helped with bringing The Plant over to the Holodetector as the Axiom made its jump heading back to Earth. John then departed the Axiom with the rest of its passengers, becoming one of the first humans to have ever stood on Earth in over 700 years.