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Jordan is a minor character in Inside Out and the deuteragonist of Riley's First Date?.

Inside Out

Jordan only appears at the end of the film where he bumps into Riley, who is about to enter the ice rink. He drops his water bottle and Riley picks it up for him. Inside his mind, his own emotions freak out with a large klaxon alarm shouting, "GIRL!", possibly hinting at what is to come for Riley's own emotions in the coming years.

Riley's First Date?

Jordan returns in the short where he takes Riley skating. While waiting for Riley, Riley's father develops animosity towards Jordan, believing that the two are going on a date. However, the two end up bonding over their experiences in a band and love for music. At the end of the short, the misunderstanding is cleared and Jordan leaves with Riley on good terms with her father.


  • Jordan's memory orbs are monochromatic (each has only one color) in both Inside Out and Riley's First Date?, implying that he's still emotionally immature.
  • Jordan bears some resemblance to the Imaginary Boyfriends.