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Karen Beverly is a minor character from Toy Story 4. She is a sentient toy that Bonnie created from a plastic knife in first grade.

Toy Story 4

In a post-credits scene set a year after the events of the fourth film, Bonnie drops her backpack in her room after her day in first grade and leaves. Jessie soon emerges from the bag and is pestered with questions by Trixie, Buzz, and Buttercup as she tries to explain how her day was. She soon interrupts them and says that Bonnie had a great day in first grade and even made a new friend in class. Rex interprets this as Bonnie already making friends, but Jessie corrects him by saying she made a new friend (mirroring dialogue from Woody earlier in the film when Bonnie brought Forky home). She walks over to Bonnie's backpack and persuades something inside to come out. Suddenly, Jessie pulls out a dolled-up plastic knife named Karen Beverly. The shocked and confused toys back away to look at a lovestruck Forky. The two utensils slowly waddle towards one another, and Forky introduces himself. Karen calls him trash, but Forky corrects her and says they're all "unique, beautiful toys". He excitedly says he'll explain everything to her. But when Karen slowly asks how is she alive, Forky, not skipping a beat, says, "I don't know."


Unlike Forky's simple appearance, Karen Beverly has immense detail. She has yellow yarn hair with a purple jewel flower glued to it on the top of her head, two different sized googly eyes, black eyelashes and freckles drawn with black marker, a mouth made from a red wax stick, a necklace made from a blue wax stick, green pipe cleaner arms, a light green dress with purple ruffles cut out from paper, three purple and yellow jewels stuck the left corner of her dress, a gum at her base, two pieces of popsicle stick snapped in half with blue shoes drawn on for her feet, and Bonnie's name written in red on the bottom of her sticks. 


  • Her name was confirmed by Josh Cooley and Mark Nielsen in the audio commentary of Toy Story 4, coming from the joke that they thought they should give her a normal name. Josh suggested Karen, which coincidentally happened to be the name of Mark's sister, and he also added his other sister's name, Beverly. 
  • The name "Knifey" was made as a joke of a lot of character names in the Toy Story films ending with a long "E" sound, such as Woody, Jessie, Slinky, Bunny, Ducky, Trixie, Dolly, Gabby Gabby, Andy, Molly, Bonnie, and Forky.
    • They did not realize that her last name, Beverly, also ends in a long "E" sound until the time of recording the audio commentary for Toy Story 4.