Karl Haulzemoff is a minor character in Cars 2.

Cars 2

"Karl has one job: to take Victor H. wherever he wants to go. A luxury transporter for the rich and the villainous, Karl keeps his privacy glass up and his eyes on the road and he doesn't ask too many questions. Sure, he misses the simpler days of moving legitimate business cars to and from garages, but hauling the main crime boss is just too lucrative for him to even think about getting out now."[1]

In the film, he is first seen as hauling around Victor Hugo. Karl was later seen in a tent when Mater got captured and put in him.


  • His name sounds like "hauls 'em off."
  • According to Meet the Cars, Karl is a 2007 Porteur Chauffeur VH. His design appears close to that of a 2002 Iveco Stralis AS.



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