Kingdom Hearts III is a action role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix. It is the twelfth installment in the Kingdom Hearts series, the long-running video game collaboration between Square Enix and Disney which mixes the worlds and characters of Disney’s various classic movies with elements of the Final Fantasy franchise. Most noteably, this installment is the first to feature worlds and characters from Pixar properties as well as those from Walt Disney Animation Studios.

The game was first announced, after years of anticipation, at E3 2013, eight years after the release the previous numbered installment, Kingdom Hearts II, and the news that Pixar characters would be joining the series for the first time was announced at the D24 Expo in June 2017, with the reveal of a Toy Story-based world. A Monsters Inc. world appeared as well.



Pixar Characters

Toy Box





Twilight Town

Toy Box




  • Woody and Buzz were originally planned to be added as summon characters in the Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts II. While the idea was scrapped, their character models can still be found in the game’s coding, albeit without textures.
  • A113 is featured in Ms. Davis' minivan, on a road street sign a above a shutter door.
  • The ball from Luxo Jr. is featured in Andy's room in the game.
  • Remy is the only Pixar character whose world has not appeared in the game.
  • The storylines of Pixar-based worlds are written to be canonical to the continuities of the original movies.[1]


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