Prospector: "Now it's on to the museum!"
Woody: "Museum? What museum?"
Prospector: "
The museum. We're being sold to the Konishi Toy Museum in Tokyo."

Stinky Pete, telling Woody that they're going to the museum

The Konishi Toy Museum, located in Tokyo, Japan, is the place where the Roundup Gang was supposed to be sold. Mr. Konishi, the owner of the museum, often has phone conversations with Al McWhiggin, the owner of Al's Toy Barn.

The Konishi Toy Museum is eager to acquire the full Roundup Gang franchise to showcase as an exhibit in Tokyo. Al learns of this and over the years has collected the entire franchise, often by dishonest means. In Toy Story 2, he finds Woody, who accidentally ended up in the yard sale Al was attending. After stealing Woody, Al finalizes his deal with Mr. Konishi and is promised a sizable fortune if he donates the entire collection to the museum. Woody's friends try to stop this, but Woody is convinced by the Roundup Gang to join them in the exhibit, tricked into thinking that Andy won't miss him. Buzz intervenes, saying that Woody will ultimately "watch kids from behind glass and never be loved again". After coming to his senses, Woody tries to escape with Jessie and Bullseye, but the Prospector tries to force him along, as he hates kids (since he was never sold) and wishes to go to the museum, where he never has to face "space toys" again.

Al takes the next flight to Japan with the entire collection in tow. Unfortunately for Al, at the airport, Woody defeats the Prospector with the help from Andy's toys, and he and the rest of the Roundup Gang escape. When Al arrives in Tokyo, he discovers that the entire Roundup Gang is missing. Because of this, Mr. Konishi calls off the deal, and Al’s store begins to suffer financial troubles. Distraught over the failed deal, Al returns to the Tri-County area, and is forced to sell majority of his merchandise at very low prices, as seen in his latest TV ad for Al's Toy Barn.


  • According to the original storyline for the film, the museum that Al was going to send Woody to was actually set in New York instead of Japan.
  • Mr. Konishi and his museum are named after the Pixar employee Sonoko Konishi.
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