Kori Turbowitz is the field reporter for the RSN Network in the 2006 Pixar film Cars. She appears three times in the film: when interviewing Lightning after the first race, announcing his trailer's arrival in California and finally as a non-speaking appearance in the crowd of reporters when Chick Hicks is celebrating his victory after rearending the King off the track. Like everyone else, she is disgusted with Chick's behaviour and attacks him with rubbish and debris to make him leave.

"The smoky-voiced Kori Turbowitz started her career off as a voicemail operator. But her delivery of "You have...THREE new messages" was spoken with such flair and irreverence that the next thing she knew, she was the number one radio host in the Bay Area, and one of the top Piston Cup reporters on television."[1]


Slender Turquoise Press Reporter, press logo sticker, silver rims, brown eyes


Kori Turbowitz: "We're here in Victory Lane, awaiting the race results. McQueen, that was quite a risky move, not taking tires."
McQueen's crew: "Tell me about it."
Kori Turbowitz: "Are you sorry you didn't have a crew chief out there?"
McQueen's crew: "Hah!"
Lightning McQueen: "Oh, Kori. There's a lot more to racing than just winning. I mean, taking the race by a full lap... Where's the entertainment in that?"
McQueen's crew: "Hah!"
Lightning McQueen: "No no... I wanted to give the folks a little sizzle."
McQueen's crew: "Sizzle?"
Lightning McQueen: "Am I sorry I don't have a crew chief? No, I'm not. 'Cause I'm a one-man show."
McQueen's crew: "What? Oh, yeah, right."
Kori Turbowitz: "That was a very confident Lightning McQueen. Coming to you live from Victory Lane, I'm Kori Turbowitz."
—Kori Turbowitz and Lightning McQueen, their first meeting




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