Nicholas "Lanky" Schmidt is a character from Monsters, Inc. and its prequel Monsters University. He is a pink monster with a small head and long arms and legs.

Monsters, Inc.

Lanky is a scarer at the Monsters, Inc. company and is tenth of the Scarer's Leaderboard. He first appears as the scarers are walking out to their stations. Later, he is seen being interviewed by a news reporter about the incident at Harryhausen's, where he exaggerates the story by claiming Boo flew over him and blasted a car with "its laser vision." He appears to be a good friend of Pete "Claws" Ward.

Lanky's last scene is in Mike's play "Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me" as a frightened customer at Harryhausen's.

Monsters University

A younger, smaller Lanky appears as a background character in Monsters University. He first appears when Mike Wazowski arrives at the campus. His picture can be seen on a Scare Card during the credits. It is also revealed in Monsters University that he graduated from Fear Tech and formerly worked at Fear Co.


  • Although all the cast from Mike's play appear onstage for the final musical number, Lanky is mysteriously missing. 
  • Lanky's surname, Schmidt, could be a possible reference to Andrew Schmidt.
  • His nickname is "Lanky" because he is tall and skinny.
  • According to his Scare Card, he is 6'9", weighs 163 pounds, and was born on July 9th in Creepsville.
  • In the Latino Spanish version he speaks with argentinian accent.


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