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Nick "Lanky" Schmidt is a character from Monsters, Inc. and its prequel Monsters University. He is a magenta monster with a small head and long arms and legs.

Monsters, Inc.

Lanky is a scarer at Monsters, Inc. and is tenth of the Scarer's Leaderboard. He first appears as the scarers are walking out to their stations. Later, he is seen being interviewed by a news reporter about the incident at Harryhausen's, where he exaggerates the story by claiming Boo flew over him and blasted a car with "its laser vision." He is a good friend of Claws Ward.

Lanky's last scene is in Mike's play "Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me" as a frightened customer at Harryhausen's.

Monsters University

A younger, smaller Lanky appears as a background character in Monsters University. He first appears when Mike Wazowski arrives at the campus. His picture can be seen on a Scare Card during the credits. It is also revealed in Monsters University that he graduated from Fear Tech and formerly worked at Fear Co.


  • Although all the cast from Mike's play appear onstage for the final musical number, Lanky is mysteriously missing. 
  • Lanky's surname, Schmidt, is a reference to animator Andrew L. Schmidt.
  • His name is Lanky because he is tall and skinny.
  • According to his Scare Card, he is 6'9", weighs 163 pounds, and was born on July 9th in Creepsville.
  • In the Latino Spanish version he speaks with argentinian accent.