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* [!/leeunkrich @leeunkrich] - Official Twitter account
* [!/leeunkrich @leeunkrich] - Official Twitter account
* [ Facebook] - Lee's Facebook page
* [ Facebook] - Lee's Facebook page
* [ YouTube] - Lee's offical YouTube

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Lee Unkrich

Lee Unkrich is a director, editor, and voice actor at Pixar Animation Studios.


Unkrich came to Pixar on a temporary assignment during the development of Toy Story and he hasn't left since. He was the director of Toy Story 3.

Unkrich also did the voice of the Red Rocker in Toy Story 2 and the voice of the Jack-in-the-Box and the muffling sounds of the Monkey in Toy Story 3.

Personal Life

Unkrich has three children: Max, age 7, Alice, age 12, and Hannah, age 15. He lives with them and his wife Laura in Kentfield, Marin County, California.

He is also a self-confessed fan of Apple Inc.. He often attends the Apple events which are held several times a year.


thumb|300px|One of Unkrich's line's in Toy Story 3.



Film Editor



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