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"What's everybody on the wrong side of the road for?"
Mater driving in London

London is a location that appeared in Cars 2. It's where the final race of the World Grand Prix is held.

Cars 2

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom. The town has a rich past, and it still has numerous historical buildings and monuments. It hosts the last race of the World Grand Prix.

This race track passes, as for the two other races, on the streets of the host town, in this case notably borrowing the Mall, and getting in front of Buckingham Palace.


Buildings and Attractions

  • Trafalgear: Destination of a double decker bus
  • Killswitch: Destination of #13 double decker bus Topper Deckington III
  • Petroldilly Circus: Part of the circuit of Topper Deckington III


Starting Positions

Position Number Name
1 95 Lightning McQueen
2 1 Francesco Bernoulli
3 5 Miguel Camino
4 2 Lewis Hamilton
5 4 Max Schnell
6 24 Jeff Gorvette
7 9 Nigel Gearsley
8 8 Carla Veloso
9 7 Shu Todoroki
10 6 Raoul ÇaRoule
11 10 Rip Clutchgoneski


  • Capture plein écran 2011-06-17 073912.jpg
    An advertisement for "LasseTyre" is seen around the World Grand Prix race track. The brand's name is a play on the last name of John Lasseter, and happen to be the same as for John Lassetire's last name.
  • The dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral is shaped like a car’s differential gear casing.[1]
  • Big Ben is renamed Big Bentley in Cars 2, and is made up of Bentley grilles and hood ornaments.[1] Production Designer Harley Jessup added that "In order to make it fit into the Cars world, we scaled it up about 250 percent — even the clockworks, which would actually fit in a conference room, were scaled up by at least 50 times their normal size."[2]
  • The Latin inscription below the clock dial on Big Bentley reads “God Salvage Crown Victoria the First” – a reference to the Ford Crown Victoria.[1]
  • The Lucite canopy over the Queen’s platform is based on the canopy built for Prince Charles’ investiture as the Prince of Wales.[1]
  • The architecture of the race pits in London is based on Landau bars, a design feature used on cars to simulate the look of a convertible.[1]
  • For the London race course, Pixar had to create nearly 20 miles of landscape and environment.[3]
  • The fight between the Lemons and Mater and his friends takes place at the intersection of Tyre Iron Street and Sixth Gear Road.
  • A road is named "Lasseter Way".
  • In the movie, Tower Bridge is named Tyre Bridge.
  • The knighting room is decorated with "car-ified" ancient paintings, featuring notably a battle of sailing ships.
  • The tie-in storybooks for some reason showed Holley Shiftwell's escape from Big Bentley as showing her smashing apart an entire clock face. In the actual film, Holley only smashed away the "5."
  • In the film, Trafalgar is renamed Trafalgear, and Piccadilly Circus is renamed Petroldilly Circus.
  • In the comic, Acer and Grem were thrown into a garbage truck instead of Ye Left Turn Inn.



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