Long Ge is a character who appears in the Chinese version of Cars 2.[1]

He is a race car whom Lightning McQueen meets at the World Grand Prix welcome party.[2][3][4]


  • Long replaces Jeff Gorvette the time of one scene in the Chinese version (both the Mandarin and Cantonese versions), which is part of a localization of the movie in several different countries. Taiwanese version separates from each versions, it kept the character Jeff Gorvette.
  • Long has the same body as Max Schnell.
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    China card in cars 2 credits

    The China card

    There are peony patterns on Long's body, which are inspired by the costume of the Beijing Olympics.
  • Long Ge in Chinese is 龙哥, the character Long or means "dragon". Dragon is a symbol of fortune and happiness in Chinese culture. It is also a symbol of China and Chinese identity.
  • There are two Chinese characters 中国 on the top of Long's body, it means "China".
  • A card with the inscription "China" and the characteristic patterns present on Long Ge's hood and trunk can be seen in the film's end credits (in all versions).
  • His paint job includes the colors of China's flag.
  • He also makes an appearance as a playable character in the mobile game Cars: Fast as Lightning, having been added in the 1.2.0 patch.



  1. This refers to China, People's Republic of, included Mainland China, Hong Kong S.A.R. and Macau S.A.R. This character does not appear in Taiwan, Republic of China.
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