Mama Coco is Miguel's great-grandmother in Coco. Mamma Imelda and Hector are her parents. She is voiced by Ana Ofelia Murguía. She is a warm-hearted, supportive, and kind grandmother.

As a child, her father Héctor would play and write her several songs. Ernesto de la Cruz would steal these songs to make himself famous; however Coco confirmed his plagiarism with the letters she kept, which discredited Ernesto's fame. She also kept a part of a family picture that was torn off years ago that featured her, Imelda, and Hector, also confirming that Hector is indeed her father. With this, Héctor is able to stay alive in the Land of the Dead with the rest of the deceased Rivera family members.

While it was never confirmed, she shows traits of dementia.

At the end of the film, she dies of old age, but is reunited with her family, including her father Hector.

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