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Marco Axelbender is a minor character in Cars. As a security guy at the Los Angeles International Speedway, Marco makes sure that there's no trouble for any of the race cars.


"Never mess with Marco Axelbender. This former ATF pursuit vehicle received a Presidential Commendation when he blew out three tires during a high speed pursuit on the 101 and still managed to catch the assailant on nothing but rims. Today he treads safer roads at the Los Angeles International Speedway, arresting scalpers and turning away riff raff."[1]

Marco Axelbender is shown at the end of Cars, where he is one of the security officials who can't let Fred enter since he doesn't have a garage pass to watch the race between Lightning McQueenChick Hicks, and The King. He allows Mario Andretti and Patty in, but still won't allow Fred.


  • He's named after additional voice actor, Marco Boerries, who also voiced the character in the movie.



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