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Marine Life Interviews is a short film based on Pixar's 2016 animated film, Finding Dory. It was included on the Finding Dory Blu-ray.


Fluke and Rudder, Destiny, Hank, and Bailey comment on Dory when she lived in the Marine Life Institute. At the end of the short, Dory is unable to remember any of her encounters with the residents of the Marine Life Institute.



  • At the startup scene, A113 can be seen briefly during the film leader countdown at "5" before the title appears.
  • None of the actors who voiced the characters in this short are credited in the English version.
  • Because Marlin and Nemo do not appear in this short, Dory is the only main character from the Finding Nemo franchise to appear in this short. This makes it the first and only Finding Nemo production where Marlin and Nemo do not appear.
  • This short isn't on Disney+ yet, as well as Miss Fritter's Racing Skoool because release dates aren't confirmed.